How to talk to your twinflame?

What an excellent question! How to talk to your twinflame.

You obviously talk to your twinflame, unless… unless you cannot talk to your twinflame.

Can you imagine telling things  without talking? Just staring into the eyes, feeling yourself in your twinflames eyes, feeling yourself flying, levitating, feeling the wholeness…

You will try to talk to your twinflames. But you will experience, that words do not make to your twinflame. Words do fail in connecting.

You must rely on your feelings, and must use your senses to feel the other half of yourself.

Though words are exquisite after the connection is made. You and your twinflame have big to do list together, and talking to others will be part of it. At this quest of being service to the shift in the world you definitely will use words, as well lights, movement, which is built upon your trust and feeling and acting as ONE with your twinflame.


Did I mention trust?

Do you trust your feelings? Good. Do you trust your words? Do not trust it. Use it as appropriate. You will fail a few times, but this is just OK. I fail with my words many times, however I do know I will have just the right words whenever I need them, or rather to say the right words will emerge whenever there are need for them.


So be sure that your words will be there, but not the words that will capture the attention of your twinflame. Your vibe will do the trick. And whatever you say without thinking about it, it will reflect you. Do not say a word if you were thinking about it before. It is just not worth it.


Dear soulmate, was this a good answer for you? Because I wrote it without thinking about it.

You do not talk to your twinflame. You just use your body, smile, and sometimes your simplest words and trust them with your true self.

Golden Love to you

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